Lucia Anelli, Text in the catalog of the group exhibition “Scambi, dal presente al passato”

Text in the catalog of the group show "Scambi, dal presente al passato”, Canne della Battaglia archaeological site, Barletta, by Lucia Anelli

For years, Guillermina De Gennaro has been dealing with the issue of detachment-permanence, through herpersonal interpretation of the “dwelling”, animal as well as human, as a protective covering, a sentimental and poetic cradle of memories enshrined or just buried. The journey, the plunging intoan indefinite place, the research and the endless and passionatechallenge, balance this need for quiet.

The installation is an atypical dwelling for moles, a layered path, conceivedas a trace of tireless animals that coexist with a perpetual darkness, ingenious tenants of an unchanging nature. Sections of life that run through the millennial earth, laid bare by a faint light that strikes the walls of a casual shelter, the paperburrowssuccessfully defy bad weather, climbing among the ravines, barely touching the old rocks which act as temporary footholds. Beyond perishability, beyond the fragile texture, the artist’s dwellingsare integrated with the gently exploredenvironment, like walkways of ideal animals, workings of intangible presences. Almost an inwarddigging in the depth of the unconscious, done with a playful andsometimes sorrowful attitude.